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Anumita talks about Saptapadi(1). The groom leads three circumambulations around the fire but from the fourth, the bride leads. Seven vows unite them for seven lives. Here’s her poem for the World Poetry Day.


May your light precede my footsteps,

Allowing me to breathe in your fragrance,

Evaporating aroma of cocooned warmth,

Living in the aura of your soul…


May your light precede my footsteps,

Telling me the shameless truths,

Bending and twisting bodily twines,

Molding the listless spirit…


May your light precede my footsteps,

Being my father, my husband and my son,

Metamorphosing with the beating heart,

Layering emotions of all personas…


May my light precede your footsteps,

Closing the gaps of time and space,

Shielding blows of unforeseen shards,

Showering you with the light of my own…


May my light precede your footsteps,

Revealing the mysteries of the untold,

Fanning the inner ember of fire beneath,

Germinating thoughts in fertile soil…


May my light precede your footsteps,

Bestowing you refuge for blistered soul,

Coaxing to choose among battles wisely,

Blaming the jagged edges of your heart…


May my light precede your footsteps,

Culminating into a kaleidoscope of hues,

Evolving with each passing second,

Yours and mine give birth to ours.


(1) Saptapadi is a Sanskrit term for seven circumambulations around the holy fire during a Hindu marriage. In Bengali, it’s called Saatpaak.

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Different Truths wishes Happy World Poetry Day to all its readers. On this occasion, we present works of five poets. Our celebrated poets are: Dr Ampat V. Koshy, Santosh Bakaya, Joyce Yarrow, Prof. Smita Agarwal and Anumita Chatterjee Roy.
Click on the links of other four poets below:
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  1. Joyce Yarrow 3 years ago

    Mesmerized my heart. Felt I was right there taking each step in the circumambulations. Beautiful.

  2. Luz L%25c3%25b3pez 12 months ago

    Anumita, What a BEAUTIFUL poem!! A window into the symbolic rituals inherent to culture and Hindu marriage. Fortunately, I have been present in Hindu weddings and felt fascinated by its fires and mantra.

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