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An love poem by Madhumita, for .

The air is thick with the grey damp fog, wet and cold, as the frost gradually froze,

Yet I still see through the smoggy blanket and the frozen icicles suspended in the air,

Running around like a whirlwind in this world of emotional tempests,

With the will to just live in your eyes, I surge ahead,

Guided by the heartbeats through the delicate maze of nerves and veins,

I drift along, my love keeping me safe through all .

Your on the cloud alights

To hold me and caress but is restrained by the cold whiteness spread around,

Mine will now take to the unknown land,

For, keeping away from you aches my heart,

So sit by me and hold my hand,

Sing to me and let my head rest

On your wide chest,

Look across the grey misty ,

There the sun shines bright

That’s where our love belongs,

Without laws, unfettered, without restrains,

For you I will wait there, much in love, to be united in love all over again!

©Madhumita Bhattacharjee Nayyar

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Madhumita Bhattacharjee Nayyar writes in Hindi and English. A poet, blogger, life-skill counsellor, healer, a social commentator, she works with women and children. She started her career with the media, moving on to the perfumes and cosmetics sector. She wrote and edited for the MEA, Kailash Mansarovar Yatra, and various other Universities. Her works have been published in various national and international magazines, newspapers, web magazines, journals, anthologies. She is an avid animal lover too.