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A love poem composed as duet by two poets, Leepsha and Mahapatra.

Fate changes
It changes to give you back what you lost
And what you – as you – deserve the most
Like waves of sea returns to you after going back
And brings ashore the salt that your sweetness lack
Like the rainy season comes back to heal your summer burns
And past and future strangled by Time’s churns
My fate has changed too. From the day I found you
And you have drenched me as leaves by dew
Has the fate lines in my palm changed?
And some cupid marks upon my heart banged!
Or the stars changed their position to shine on my face?
And we were both tied by that invisible lace!

The game of meeting and parting is so long
Yet the moments between are etched in memory strong
My heart sings several longing songs
Which strike your ears louder than beating of gongs?
As the night begins I sleep to see you in dream
And you remain awake to pursue your dreams
While in day I see your radiance gleam
And your sleep is untouched by my screams
Now, the evenings will tell tales of you and me
And mornings shall whisper in glee
It’s destiny that decides together we will be
For worthless are we apart, as lock and key!

©Dr. NM Leepsa & Agnivesh Mahapatra, 2016

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Agnivesh Mahapatra reads life. A poet, philosopher and lover, he is a professional counsellor, and a motivational speaker, who enables people to live life with liveliness.

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