Let the Heart of Dream be Revealed

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An evocative love poem by Ayub, in Different Truths.

Let the heart of dream be revealed,

Just as drunkenness reveals upon

The quivering lashes of the eyes sunken in love,

As in the shut books,

Possibility of a rose to bloom reveals,

As to the finger-tips, reveals taste

Of the virgin touch of love.


Let the heart of dream be revealed,

So that I could see

The drunkenness of the unrevealed puberty,

The same bewilderment which I wished

To string just for once on the thread of breath,

The same indecision

To which the innocent half opened eyes

Bequeathed a trust,

And fragrance of rose and jasmine.


The core of heart imprinted,

Sans voice and sans word,

The feel of imperceptible smile

On your throbbing rosy lips;

Then to my eyes you awakened like dawn.


O! The beauty with speaking eyes

You are the soul of poesy,

Time penned several episodes

Of the bygone age,

And the threshold of each chapter is stunned

Like a sealed dream,

There is neither any knock,

Nor any sound,

Nor any breezy word,

Nor any prudence.

Would that before this moment passes,

The heart of this sealed dream should open!

And I may see what the allusion was

Of the tale of your imperceptible smile,


Being the sinner of love

What compensation for the injury

I shall have to recompense.

©Ayub Khawar

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