Lamenting Voices

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A poignant, evocative and inward looking by Nikita.

As I woke up today,

to an ,

bustling noise

of the city,

of people running

for ,

of chirping

singing and .

I heard

something Strange


that was so familiar

Who was It?

What are they

trying to tell me?

Why do they Cry?

I asked Myself.

When I listened



and lovingly

It was my own

Inner Voices




I enquired

What have you ?

They replied,


©Nikita Goel

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Nikita Goel is a Texas-based writer. She is actively associated with Aagaman Literary and Cultural Society’s English Publications. She has worked as the managing editor for Purple Hues. She has co-authored three books. Her poems have been published in five anthologies. She has been featured online on Readomania, Aagaman -The Arrival, Writers e-zine, Writing Geeks, Literary and Creativity Magazine. Her blog, Enchantress, has been adjudged India’s best blog for three consecutive years.