International Day of the Girl Child

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Here’s an evocative and poignant verse by Sarala on International Girl Child’s Day, exclusively in Different Truths.

She is a precious stone

Value unknown

She is a bundle of joy

Smiling away happily

She is daddy’s little girl

Mamma’s heartbeat

Curling up her little toes

Playing with her own

Li’l fingers getting knotted

Sweet nectar bubbling

And flowing both sides

Wetting her nappy

With a naughty smile

One day she will be grown up

Into a beautiful woman

Hungry eyes of lusty men

Piercing her with their looks

Parents looking for alliance

From a wealthy family

Not knowing the background

Of the boy who is a drunkard

Beats her on the first night

She pleads with folded hands

As she wants her parents to be happy

But gives no ears

Unsympathetic and cruel

He picks up another drink!

All her hopes crumbled

She goes back to her parents

With only the clothes she has

On her body

All her gold taken away by

The boy and her in-laws

With no feelings for this angel!

Oh! Keep this precious pearl

Away from physical and mental


Treat her like a queen

She deserves nothing

Less than that!

She is a marvellous creation

By God Almighty

With a magnanimous heart!

©Sarala Balachandran

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Sarala Balachandran was working with an import-export organisation in the administrative department for 38 years. She retired eleven years back. Married, with two sons aged 43 and 36, she took interest in writing recently. She writes free verses.