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Meandering through , these seek hope and promise. An evocative poem by Martins, a young poet from Nigeria, for .


Paddle! Paddle!! Paddle!!!

Paddle your pirogue down the valley

Even when your moment seems heavy

to life in tasteless tingling time

Only the gritty nibbles with the rhythm

Of time.

©Martins Tomisin


Eyes soused in tears
Like water’s calling to the fish
The soft letters on the peak filled with jelly
Like the day binding the day

A smile in the sun-time
A moody in the darkest night:
A crick to the neck

The agro has brought nothing
But pain to the juvenile girdled in nudity
And swilling our Mother’s two sappy oranges

The pain squirt like the spurting waters
Enough to slurp a mil-mighty-
Men-of -might to mousy

Pains which is not a buddy of ,
Is not a candy bar to the merry-makers
Is not a candy bar to the shoe-makers
(Who wants to have the world at their feet)

Pain is a bud,
Yet, it is not a bud
Pat and pat it is to the circle
Arrant to the shapeless ;
The storm brewing
And arrays night to drown days

Pains is like hot paving stones
Scorching naked feet
Pain is a mighty vanquisher of men
The feet must feel
The heart must feel

It is the body that casts no shadow
It is the crayon that paints no colour
It is the crib that has no cap to capped the peak
It is the creaking stairs
It is the crook’s eyelids
Drooped in burnout
It is like the droop of the shoulder

Hanging in ignominy
It is the sweet, soft, resounding sound
That pierces the sky at night – death

©Martins Tomisin

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Martins started writing poems at the age of 18. HIs first poem was titled ”My journey of life” which rationalised about the journey of Man till his last breath. He is a karate instructor living in Lagos, Nigeria.