I Want…

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Here’s a poem by Karthik.

I want to know what your heart aches for
and I want to know if you dare to chase your dreams.
And then dream some more…

While all those pesky planets keep messing with your stars…
I want you to touch the center of your mind
through your esteemed thoughts

What else do I want?
I want you to open up your life’s betrayals and triumphs
And play the fool with both

I want you to find your joy
Through your funny chants
and your dances with wolverines inside your own mind

I want you to let the ecstasy fill the tips of your fingers
And liberate your feelings through words…
Making merry among sentences by your own Royalty.

I want you to completely forget the bustle around you
And to forget the limitations of being human.
To laugh at disasters over a cappuccino.

It doesn’t matter if your story is true or not
All I seek is your date with truth
Take strength from within

I want you to see beauty in everything
everyday and find bliss in your own presence.
I am interested in knowing who you are,

what you do and how you turned up in this forum…
But more importantly…

I want you to talk the walk on fire
that lies within you and

Come out all guns blazing
to finish your masterpiece…

I am the author within you

The raging fire that can never be extinguished

I await your call, when will I hear thee?

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Karthik Narayan is curious about life and the universe. A fan of Douglas Adams, he is a blogger. He is fond of art and literature. He enjoys intellectual conversation. A film buff, he has good sense of humour.