I Feel Your Presence

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A in memory of a one, by Ritambhara, in Different Truths.

I feel your presence, no matter where I am

I feel your presence, no matter what I do

I can sense the touch when I first held your fingers and took my first step

I can sense you in every little moment I spent with you

Whether I am trying to cook

Whether I am sitting all

Whether I am in the company of others

There is always something in my actions or actions of others that reminds me of you

It is hard to live without you

It is hard to think you are not around us

It is hard to imagine I won’t be able to talk to you again ever

It is hard to believe I won’t be able to see you ever

You have lived your life o’ dearest Noble Soul

But this heart fails to why we are not

Why this pain and agony of losing a loved one?

Why can’t the rewind?

I can feel you everywhere around me

Rest in peace O’ Noble soul

But you’ll be remembered till I breathe my last

The void you left can’t be filled

You’ll live in the heart of all those for whom you were always there.

©Ritambhara Upadhyay

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A Panjab University, IIT- Roorkee, and IIRS-ISRO alumnus, academician, and researcher, Ritambhara is a writer by choice. Her passion for reading and writing has impelled her to foray into the world of writing. As a freelance writer and editor, she loves to pen-down whatever comes to her mind. She staunchly believes, “Truth doesn’t admit any impediments.”