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Here’s a poetic tribute of Sarala to Mother Teresa, and a call to the youth to emulate her, in Different Truths.

Learn dear youth

What’s humanism

from our beloved

Mother Teresa

who cleansed the lepers

with her own weak and

trembling hands

She ran to wherever her

attention was needed

caring for the dirty urchins

and the suffering unwanted!

What are you waiting for

young men and girls

Go after humanity

rendering service to

the needy and poor!

Go off your sumptuous

meal a day and carry it to

those hungry and crying!

Collect the lifesaving drugs from available sources and run and

treat those unfortunate souls!

If the old Mother with her weak body could do so much,

why can’t you follow her footsteps

at least halfway through?

Now is the time,

now is the hour

to show

that you care!

©Sarala Balachandran

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