How Was Your Day?

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A love poem by Sarala, for Different Truths.

How was your day my love?
He asked as she returned from the office
She smiled
She chuckled
She giggled
She caught him tight
With all her love bubbling in her as she missed him for eight long hours!
Their love was sweet and sublime from the time they
Married few years back
Although he did not have a proper job due to ill health
From childhood!
They fell in love deeply
At the age of eighteen and got married soon when they felt their love was genuine!
She would cook for him and go to work giving a peck
On his forehead
Telling him take care my love
You are not so healthy I know!
Nothing mattered to her
Excepting his pure love for her!
She would toil at home and office
Bringing home enough for
Both of them which is all that
Mattered to her!
Every day when she would return
He would ask the same question … how was your day my love …
And would make a cup of hot
Coffee for both with some biscuits!
Their love was something to be admired by all couples
Who keeps pointing a finger only finding faults!
Come on! When your wife returns from work just ask her how was your day my love which shows how much he loves her!
It’s never too late
Ask her how was your day my love
And see how the love grows ever more
Like beautiful blossoms in spring!

©Sarala Balachandran

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