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Aishwarya talks of hope in times of despair in this verse, in Different Truths.

anarchic is the world –

in which we live in today

where money has become the master

and, we have become its bonded slaves

where hurts of our past

have made their homes in our heart

where fears of uncertain tepid future

has left us frenzied groping in the dark!


though the journey seems intriguing

do not succumb to the testing times

in the end, all will be right

just keep looking for the light

it’s the rule of the universe

that after every dusk comes the dawn

the darkest hours in our lives

can only last until the morn!


when you feel, you are done n’ dusted with life

hold onto Hope to guide you through such strife

when the paths seems steep and hard to climb

Hope is the balm that will soothe your mind

when trials seem unrelenting and shatter your soul

Hope is the sparkle that will make you feel whole

when tears stream silently down your eyes

in such faces of travesty is where Hope abides!

©Aishwarya Damodar

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