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Here’s a sensitive poem, by Alisha, about how a little girl should behave, in Different Truths.


Little girl, don’t go outside

Or the big bad wolf will get you at night

Little girl, stay frozen in time

Don’t grow big enough to the door knob


Play with your dolls and

Dance on your inchoate toes

But whatever you do, stay inside these four walls

Away from the reach of the scary monster’s call.


Hush baby, you’re safe with me.

I’ll wipe your tears with stuffed pillows,

Won’t let the darkness cripple its way into your willows.

Together we’ll stay locked away

From the world of monsters that can’t be slain.


Come now, it’s bed time,

I’ll sing you a sweet lullaby,

To bring your eyes to shut tight.


Climb into your ,

I’ll rock you in its mantle.

And so she did, crawling with her little palms and feet.

Safe and secure, “No one can get you in here.”


The bed surrounded with wooden rods,

Trapped her like a toy in a wooden box.

The monster laughed, and and prowled,

Sitting right beneath her little-freckled .

©Alisha Fathima

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Alisha is a recent undergraduate in Literature, Communication, and Psychology. She loves words, music, movies, and animals. Her love for poetry emerges from music. Lyrics are for her, the poetry of the modern world. Her voice takes shape through writing and becomes her medium of expression to communicate. She hopes to help people by writing words they can relate to.