Great Expectations

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Sarala talks of her dreams of better India, in this poignant verse, in Different Truths.

I have a dream 
I have a dream 
To see my motherland bloom 
With vibrant colours of love and care 
A government to organise the flow 
The smooth flow of the nation
To see the poor are fed and clothed 
And sent to school 
Letting them come up in their lives 
A dream of old parents not dumped in old age homes 
Changing the minds of the young with compassion and love 
A dream to see all are equal no one is rich or poor all equally placed 
Like that of the heaven where God has no division with only one vision 
All treated with His loving care!
It’s not asking much I am sure 
Just a little care and share!

©Sarala Balachandran

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