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An intense poem by Kabir, in Different Truths.

Can you slip off your tongue from the needles 

That have stitched your respect? 

I believe that everyone will say, ‘No’ 

With a confidence which is a false flesh 

The structure of our life is made of it

One day someone comes and pierces it 

With definite pleasure of attaining the flesh 

Bits by bits by bits, everything has succumbed  

Like a black hole in the blur universe 

The mirrors turned providing the opaque back 

But their joy is in breaking the mirror 

They seldom care about the parts which fall down 

Which can open up the wounds of life 

The vultures have their eye on our respect

And we receive the gaze like an obeying death 

Our instinct never says any other word 

Because our humongous mind is shrinking 

Day by day as we visit them, they follow their desires 

And we keep ourselves busy in quenching their desires 

Now I see why the universe is blur to us

Because we see the universe in them 

And she laughs at our poor sight 

We believe that the universe was created 

While she knows that she was the room where creation breathes 

They say that God is the culmination 

From up above universe sees the hegemony 

That he has created keeping God in the front seat 

Riots to make us believe that religion is the driving force 

And we just enjoy the riot by beheading our soul 

Repetition of the same story over and over 

But we are taught of being original 

What’s originality, if our own origin lives and dies with them? 

Miscellaneous voices teach us to be united 

But they have their disciples who believe in division 

One day the world will stop breathing 

We will feel her exhalation and it won’t be a pleasure. 

©Kabir Deb

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