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In this verse, Vatsala tells us what it means to be a woman. She talks of the heart of the fairer sex, searching what love means. A sensitive and sensuous poem, for Different Truths.

I am a woman
created by God
with much tenderness,
Blessed am I
with the rights
to love a gentleman
who knows how to treat ladies
with unfailing fairness.

For my true love
I want to
dress up always elegantly,
smile sometimes shyly,
coin words at times wittily,
laugh often intelligently.

When I see sadness
flickering in his eyes,
I let my feminine honesty
pacify his silent cries.

I often hold his hand softly
assuring him that his painful battle
will never be lonely,
For eons, by his side
he’ll always have God and me.

When I see happiness
sparkling in his eyes,
I let my love swim
to his divine smiles.

He holds me tightly
and I let my soft kisses
tell him confidently
how much I’m proud of
his daily caring gestures,
his risky heroic tasks,
everything that he does for me.

For my true love,
I pray that light fills his life,
I pray for his good health
and longevity.

All our dreams, our sacrifices
will merge
and together for several lives
we’ll live blissfully
in our expanding, growing
circle of pure love.

©Vatsala Radhakeesoon

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