Fighting for Love

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An intense poem about the dog-eat-dog world of people, by Anoucheka, for Different Truths.

What is it that makes us hate each other?

Pray, looking at humans nowadays,

One can say that envy and jealousy

Surf over the blood that runs through their bloodstream

As if, they knew they were so mighty

As to conquer the purity that basks in humans’ souls!


Humans have become like cannibals

Ready to chew and swallow their peers

So as to be the ones shining forth

As it would seem,

That the sparkle of another human,

Dazzles them

To the extent of causing them to feel

Shadowed and underrepresented!


Why, if all lived, connected and supportive

As ants are in their anthills

As bees are in their hives

As wolves are in their packs

As nature is faced with her cycle

Pray, if all lived,

Hand in hand, in a bond of brotherhood,

Would living not have equated

To being engaged always

In a peaceful orgy of love

An orgy in which Creation itself

Would have taken part

Lauding emotional words of praise

To the genuineness of human nobility?


Why hate is a disease

That is slowly eating up humanity

Because of it,

The world shall suffer and meet with its doom!


Love, vanquished, is suffering,

Locked in a glass coffin thrown deep in the oceans

Why it seeks to be rescued

And shall be,

Only when humans shall care to remember

That they are that which they seem

But are that which cannot be discerned

Made of an essence which belongs not to this Earth

And share the same connecting thread in their veins!

©Anoucheka Gangabissoon

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Anoucheka Gangabissoon is a primary school educator in Mauritius. She writes poems and short stories on a wide range of subjects. She publishes regularly on online poetry sites and manages her own poetry blog. She has published a collection of poems in print, in her country, titled “Awakened Fancies.”