Feather Touch

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An evocative poem about the dynamics of creation, by Elsy, exclusively for Different Truths.

The smoothness of a quill,
that spells out marvels in words,
like the feather touch
of a babe’s soft fingers,
can soften even
the hardest in the heart.

The quill doles out
pure dream-ware,
living thoughts in living words,
from the dream vibrations in the soul.

Yet it offers way more softness,
than software
en-framed in hardware,
can ever hold out.

Who does not wish
that life was
a series of soft touches
that perpetually warm the soul,
like whispers that soothe!

But we can only wish!
and if wishes were horses…

Now it is your turn
to fill up the blanks…

©Elsy Satheesan

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