Everlasting Relationship

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An evocative poem about dream and life experiences, by Nancy, exclusively for Different Truths.


A strange thought crossed my mind

To ride in the glittering chariot of the moon

Feeling the world under my feet

Suddenly it stopped and I started awake

And then I realised,

Oh! It was just a dream!


A strange thought crossed my mind,

To catch the Sun

And Feel his warmth on my icy palms

When he was drowning at the horizon

I wanted to save him

’Cause I knew the pain of falling!


There will be no strange thoughts

There will only be experiences

Of pain,

And of victory over that pain.

Tomorrow will be serene

As I will not give up on me

I’ll follow my divine destiny

And I know

There will only be me and the universe

In an everlasting relationship!

©Nancy K.A.N.

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Nancy K.A.N. is an IT professional from last 30 years. She wrote her first poem when she was 9 years
old. She has not published any of her works which includes poems, short stories, and articles. She is
a technical blogger and a co-author of 3 technical study guides by Red Hat, an Open Source
technology company. She likes to write about life experiences and perspective, and is an avid reader
of Ancient Wisdom.