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An intense by Deeya.

(From the Anthology The )

Orange brawls and nude browns
Vie, ripened sheaths of corn
over the harvest stock
mind’s harvesting complete, yellow
aslant rays I wing and leave

the green, slither, summoned in vagueness
I stretch myself, while the Cormorant
a white speck far, prepares for a flight

the cock with its litter, pecks in
at the grains from stubble, while
butterfly chase, I ponder

a while, glued among pigeons and sparrows
hovering, and with a steady
gathering of feathers in at the helm
i glide a sand hill till, home bound thoughts
bring me down among, the earthy bleating
of a wayward lamb in meekness, I hear
the muezzin’s call

My fulfilled, I remain
what I cannot disown-

an imperfection in flesh and .

©Deeya Bhattacharya

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Born at Durgapur, West Bengal, Deeya Bhattacharya- a PG in English Literature and a Graduate in Education from the University of Burdwan. Her poems and articles have appeared in several National and International journals, websites, E-zine, besides several anthologies. Member of Poets International, She has read her poetry at quite a few fests. She teaches English and Poetry at a State Government High School.