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An enchanting love poem with the symbolism of nature, by Vandita, for Different Truths.

Darkened blue is the twilight sky
Awaiting her lover true.
The stars glimmer on to illuminate
The path of earthly soulmates.
A twinkle in his eyes when he sees her
As it were a clouded dream
Or his imagination run wild.
He moves towards her.
Deep in recesses of her heart
Something stirs, is it love?
He drinks the nectar of her tears
Holding her to him.
The wind moans passionately
Approving their union.
He slowly bends to kiss those luscious lips
That he knew were his
She leans on him
Looking into his warm brown eyes
She knew she had found forever.

©Vandita Dharni

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Spread the love
  1. Lourdes Alexander 3 months ago

    Beautifully penned dear Vandita.

  2. Sarala Balachandran 3 months ago


  3. Neeraj Chahal 3 months ago

    Brief and brilliant! The moaning wind, approving….sensuously striking, turning me on to love my queen!! Just go on…..

  4. Neeraj Chahal 3 months ago

    Fantasy poeticised!! It turned me on the moment I read it.Please don’t stop writing…..

  5. Gloria Wenslove 3 months ago

    What a beautiful verses mostly absorb every one’s heart..

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