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Dr. Sona, a scholar of subaltern studies, connects with the tribal people of Kerala in this verse, for Different Truths.

In near future one day,

I hope to defeat scorching sunray.

Boarding a long route rail,

To Kerala, I’ll trail.

Imagining long long hours of journey,

I’ll think of moment’s turning.

Being in natural surroundings,

Amidst the tribal bondings.

I’ll ask about their wares,

Of their affairs, and of fears.

Of acculturation, dislocation, and displacement,

Leading them to self-forgetfulness still nature’s endearment.

Narayan’s ‘Kocharethi’ is a supple example,

Ganesh Devy’s ‘A Nomad Called Thief’ a preamble.

Hey, I’ll cheer them from high hills,

Educating them of parliamentary bills.

Their rights, fights and ensuing success,

That will lead them to progress.

May this dream be true,

I’ll fly to a tribal crew.

©Dr. Sona Agrawal

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