Do not crush me

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Farah talks about the cruelty of man against woman and how he crushes her.

Oh’ brother! Just give me the word of honor

That you’ll protect me against the evil performer

The World is now full of chaos and gloominess

I get unnerved when I amble in darkness.

The fear to get trapped consistently stays in my despair heart

The terror to get crushed ruined me and reprimands.

It tortured me immensely and torments my soul

As if I am a puppet and don’t have any role.

Offenders pulverise my identity.

Tell them that’s no heroism, but timidity.

Oh’ God! You made both to sail in a ship

You made Woman from Man’s own rib.

Oh’ brother! Then why is there such disdain?

Why we are treated thus by miscreants?

Oh’ Society! Hang your head in shame.

For you have sullied a woman’s name.

©Farah Siddiqui Matin

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Farah Siddiqui Matin, born and brought up in Allahabad, is currently residing in Ireland with her scientist husband. Along with her two books ‘The Bliss of Solitude’ (2014) and ‘Like I Born in Venus’ (2015), her poems has been published in 15 anthologies, international and national magazines. She has been awarded ‘incredible women writer’. She won ‘The Best Poetess Debut Award’ (2014). Her forthcoming third poetry book is based on social issues, dedicated to Nirbhaya.