Clarion Call

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A patriotic poem that covers the entire gamut of history and social realities by Shalini, in Different Truths.

 Mother India’s clarion call to her tenants,

Divided by caste you were, deaf to cries of oppressed

Chaotic, Kings ruled, fighting and looting brothers

In came intruders crushing you hard,

Sowed them their religious faith, cultures and their language

Not for you to live well, but for him to communicate and connect

Quick Learner you were, you made my home colourful

Even at that toughest time, patient was I, rejuvenating myself

Thank those adopted children, who loved India as their own mother

Akbar, Mother Teresa, Mirra Alfassa, they have led India to a higher plane

Samuel Evans Stokes, Jr., if not for him Indian apples just a dream

Forget not the brave queens, who sowed softness in foreigner’s heart

Diverse became thoughts, yet united and compassionate

Anarchic children came in to save my oppressed children

Churning was over, monarchy faded democracy flourished

Looted, I was poor in riches, but was rich in wisdom

India a laboratory, where diverse arts of living flourish

Yoga, Siddha, Ayurveda, Bharatanatyam – a treasure house I am

My bountiful natural resources can still be refreshed

Lost wealth, but still, I am rich, my riches sleep in greedy homes

And now again you have forgotten, I am a secular mother

I house in children of all caste, creed, race, and religion

Revive me once again, Restore my glory, listen, to my clarion call.


Haven’t you learned lessons from your past?

Divided you stand you fall hard, aren’t you?

I didn’t ask you for inter-caste or inter-religious marriages

I ask you to stand united, be tolerant and admire each other

Hurting each other, bullying isn’t sensible, be compassionate

Shed the false pride you show off, the attitude and ego

No gossiping and cheating, do nothing that defames you

Do you want a third person again to teach you the hard lesson?

This time, it would be harsh, Nature is waiting to teach

The seas are rising, agriculture is dwindling, climate cribs

Population explodes, women wail, men are depressed

Food shortage, polluted air, water, soil, and mind, ruining me

Tectonic plates move trembling your belongings

Before Natures tremor strikes you bad, change yourself

Read your ancestors, my best children, evolve don’t degrade

You are brothers and sisters, you are one with diverse thoughts

Don’t let anyone offend your mother, rather defend.

Revive me once again, Restore my glory, listen, to my clarion call.


Tender, you feel pity when a Syrian child cries at Guns

Stretching out your helping hand, you soothe nature’s fury

Terrorism and Maoism, you dislike, but you have forgotten

The knights who guard me day and night

Varied be their caste, creed, and religion

Forgoing their desires, they protect every inch of India

Your inner voice, your prayers very strong, your Will your strength

Exploring the world, you have started loving your stepmother

Still, when your new home explodes, you run back to me

Hiding in my bosom, you hug me tight, you call me “Maa”

And my brave knights embrace you risking their lives

For they know you are their brothers and sisters, respect them

Revive me once again, Restore my glory, listen, to my clarion call.


Farmers, the life givers, killing themselves for they are abandoned

They didn’t care who is going to eat the food, but hey sowed grains

But poison sowed in your deeper mind makes you deaf and blind

Technological advancements and concrete jungle, you yearn for

What will you eat and drink after your merry days ends up

Raise up my child, for a better India and a better future

Modest be you, young girls, learn to illuminate darker hearts

not to save yourself, but to keep your head held high, forever

Be brave, face the world with a sympathetic yet stern heart

Men, you are not here to rape your sisters, but to guard dignity

Let your lust not attract them to false roads, don’t be a coward

Men and Women be united respecting your differences

Give everyone their space, defer and appreciate

Absorb the good akin to a swan, let’s build a new India

Clean not just the environ, your minds too, from the roots let’s start

Revive me once again, Restore my glory, listen, to my clarion call.

©Shalini Samuel

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Shalini Samuel hails from Kanyakumari. She graduated in IT (2006) and did her Masters in Computer Science from Noorul Islam College of Engineering (2008), Kanyakumari. She started writing as a blogger and composed poems that was published in International journals and anthologies. She has ventured into fiction and essays too. She authored a poetry collection ‘Singing Soul’. Her passions include photography, gardening and cooking. She is eager to learn and cherish all kinds of writing.