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A poem of pain by Lopamudra, for Different Truths.

The broken parts of me aches

In lonely hours

Shed tears without any sound

I diligently cover up my wound

Not to be noticed

Not to be questioned

Not to be asked

About the bizarre incidents of the past

The warm blood flow in my veins

Runs ghastly

Each flesh from the body parts

Demands air directly

My organs are unable to digest

The boisterous words, which you used abruptly

Without thinking how it will hurt others’ sentiments seriously.

I am not a stone

Neither I am a hard rock

Inside me a soft heart breathes

Inside me a sweet dream creeps

Inside me a melodious music sings

I read the green,

I watch the blue,

I paint red,

I skip with rainbow shed

I care for the words of past

I am concerned for the present

But I am broken inside to several parts.

©Lopamudra Mishra

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