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Here are two poems by Debasis for Different Truths. The first poem, Bee, celebrates the nature, the bee and the honey it collects from far away like a distant song. His second poem, Ego, in a voyage within, where the poet unveils himself. His choice of imagery and metaphors are wonderful.


From farther than far a song takes a long journey,
Many easy-going miles and somehow reaches me,
Moves mindlessly along the roads of golden honey
Buzzes ‘round a hive before it turns into a bee.

All nectar it was, tunes self into a luscious note,
Through the valleys on highest heights to float,
It absorbed all sorrows that we unwillingly share,
Swelled into a hallowed cheer, that none could hear.



Ego, you are ‘Me’forever, as old as when I was born,
Teasing, hiding, ever-growing, cold and cryptic:
You have arrogance, might and power of destruction:
You are feminine as the beauty of new moon night.

Ego, you are charmer as the enticing lady death;
You are enthralling as a dance of the stars;
Ego, you are bright, malleable and yellow
As the gold in a paramour’s polished necklace.

Ego, you are tiny and infinite, silent as the soul,
Sensuous, serpentine, subtle in the daylight of world,
And you flow silently like the subterranean river.

Just as a lady of manners in layers of clothing and in makeup:
You’re never revealed, always masked, ready for new courtship,
And turn into a new incarnation of ego, ever again.

©Debasis Tripathy

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