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An evocative poem that sees the cruelty of modern times against the beauty of nature, by Dr. T Ashok, exclusively for Different Truths.

Oh Earth and nature! Both are so very beautiful
To every living being they give a view, delightful;
But, of what mind-set the worldly beings are?
The essential life-givers, if they intently ignore.

Oh orphaned child! How deplorable you look
Your beautiful heart indeed is a confined book;
You starve and deeply thirst for a humane hug
Wonder, is the world wrapped with a cruel rug.

Oh war craving rebels! Of what use a living is
If innocents razed to death, instead of offering bliss;
Saving a life, is akin to conferring a new lease of life
Will it not please the heart if you share others grief.

Of what use is piling of disastrous nuclear weapons
Is it not a grave threat to own soil and co-humans;
Living beings are beautiful, the world will be beautiful
If we share peace and concern; with a heart dutiful?

If we open our heart with a true sense of righteousness
If we honestly apply the ‘discriminate power’ within us;
Everything looks beautiful, every heart appears beautiful
The present and future; shall remain beautiful and peaceful.

©Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy

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