Be a Paragon of Peace

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Here’s a poem of hope and by Manthena, for .

When you love all foes you have no woes
Embittered enmity flees with fear on toes 
Loyal love for the world turns you a victor 
You go on showering  love above a sector

Nobility is the peerless promoter of peace
Amity accelerates its predominant pace
fueled enflames enormously   
Rupturing  their rapture in all primary parts

You can access assiduously rarest respite 
When you succeed in suppressing all spits
Moments of elation make life a  
You deserve the with felicitation

Magnanimity props you to enliven moments
Saddling you with leadership of  
Script in striking splendour all glorious living 
Building new world with stupendous striving.

©Manthena Damodara Chary

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Manthena Damodara Chary was born into a family of poets at Elukurthy Havel in the erstwhile Warangal District, in 1957. He was a Lecturer in English for 35 years. He contributed poems to various international poetry forums. Recently, he has been presented with the World Icon of Peace from the World Institute for Peace, Nigeria. His poems deal with themes of relevance to the world of humanity.