Aquarius/Living out of Poem

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A poem of longing and wish by Tatjana.

Dedicated to Dragoljub Djuričić

Kilometers gained nothing – you are here.

Before I go to sleep thirty times I say your name – you are here.

You fall asleep quietly – you are here.

Through deserts of sound, reason – you are here,

Through unreal reality – you are here,

Through the music of drums – you are here.

I know that you know that – here it’s

Always you.

© Tatjana Debeljački


Living out of Poem

An inward looking poem by Tatjana.

While it’s raining, and when there is happiness,

And while dreaming the green knight,

When the fear is deep suspicion,

Everybody puts own empty and little life

Into one poem.

Though, were I to live mine as one in the poem,

But I didn’t.

© Tatjana Debeljački

Illustration by: Dragoljub Djuričić

English translation: Danijela Milosavljević


Tatjana Debeljacki writes poems, short stories, stories, and haiku. She is a member of the Association of Writers of Serbia, UKS, since 2004. She is in the Haiku Society of Serbia; is the deputy editor of ‘Diogen’, and editor of the magazine, ‘Poeta’.