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An inward looking poem by Sarala, where she talks of loneliness and meeting the her creator, in Different Truths.

Alone I walked throughout my life

With no one to be by my lonely side!

I sobbed and wept years together

But wanted to reach my destination

Where flowers bloom!

I got hurt many a time

Often I wiped away my tears

With a heavy heart looking to the sky!

I have lost my rhythm years back

When I lost my near and dear ones!

But I kept on walking

Jumping the hurdles many

God put on my way!

When I got tired I call out to Him

In my pitiable voice for mercy

He looks at me

With compassion

And holds me tight

I wander about in my paddy field

Talking to the golden grains

With my aching heart!

I talk to my pets when I am lonely

and breaking, and they comfort me

With their tricks many!

I heard a voice the other day

Echoing from far

Calling my name!

Astonished I was

To see my creator with his

reassuring smile looking deep into

My lonely eyes!

My loneliness left me forever

And now am a new creation

to the surprise of many !

©Sarala Balachandran

Photo from the internet.

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