A Sandy Grey City

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Ipsita sees her in different colours, various moods, in this surreal verse.

This city of mine
Smelt a sandy today
A storm in its eye,
A lover’s tiff
Ensconced this city
As she wore this                                                                    
Forlorn look.

Till the rains
Came splashing down
And then She danced
To the lyrical rain
Each leaf on each branch
And She was washed anew
Drenched she was
In her finery

And so does
Turn from                                                                                            
Sandy grey
To deep
In moments that know

©Ipsita Ganguli

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A Hotelier by profession who believes in offering memories to her guests~and the charm of being a tiny part of the stories of their lives. A student of the myriad experiences that life holds out and believing that there is never any stop to learning. Above all, A people’s person relishing a connect with a variety of lives. Ipsita writes because She Must. Because there is no other way for her.