Poems Special Needs

A Poetic Journey: An Insight into the world of Autism from the Poet’s Point of View

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Reading Time: 23 minutes


                                Compiled by

                                           Nalini Srivastava & Dr Koshy AV

These poems were written as a part of the NANOWRIMO 2016 challenge in the group on Facebook called The Significant League (TSL) to commemorate Autism Awareness Day, which falls on April 2. This whole month is Autism Awareness Month. We thank Different Truths (DT) for giving us this opportunity to spread Autism Awareness through these poems as well as poetry awareness and the power of poetry to help in the cause. Regarding Autism, we urgently need people to be aware that such children need help from all of the society, the more as they grow older. They need all the help they may get. So do their parents, siblings, and caregivers. The theme in the poems was ‘Blue and Gold’. ~ Ampat V. Koshy



Morning Glory

Sarala Ram Kamal

Once I tried to touch the shoulder of an autistic child, who was actually friendly till then. Suddenly, as if in shock, he twisted his body and moved behind his mother. I never saw him again nor do I know his whereabouts, now. But I learned something from that day – Patience is the face of love, which I saw on his mother’s face. With best prayers for all special kids of this world, this poem is for them.

Once I tried to touch a morning glory

but it drifted away, holding onto

the fingertips of a breeze

Deep blue bled pink* through

the vortex of its life

The silver smile rises in the east every day:

A forlorn hope in the depth of misery

At times ignoramus crouches like a fog

in the road ahead: the way beyond

the foot-space is clearly unknown

Infinity is far nigh than acme

the morning glories are for the heart’s eyes

I shall never chance my arm upon it –

A glorified moon: smile of a dark night

They are just to be loved

just to be loved.

(*Deep blue bled pink – blue is for autism, pink is for a loving heart though they can’t express it).
© Sarala Ram Kamal. All rights reserved.


My Dear Reuel

Pramila Khadun

Silence is a source of great strength ~ Lao Tsu

When I see rivers overflowing,

Hurricanes blowing,

Volcanoes erupting, earth shaking,

Urbanisation threatening,

The cut-throat competition heart-wrenching,

Wars and disasters in waiting,

Man’s games, grotesque and stomach turning,

I look at the starry night

And think of your face bright,

So far, and yet so near to my heart.

The stunning beauty of your looks,

Your cherubic silence and innocence,

The pristine glory of God on your forehead,

The effulgent beauty of nature

Shining on your cheeks,

All remind me of the beauties

Encompassing the exploration

Of the metaphysical plains.

Times roll back

And I become a child again.

I forget the cunning passages

Of false relationships,

The supple confusion of friendship,

The contrived corridors of hardships,

And new pathways open

In the candy-floss clouds

Where we play, sing and dance

Forgetting the ebb and flow of time.

Together, we reach phenomenal heights,

A déjà vu panorama of past lives.

And we enjoy the quietude and peace

Of the monks of the Tibetan caves

While your silence speaks to me,

So soothing, so eye-opening.

And when we part,

Tears flow down my cheeks.

I listen to the rhymes

Serenading in the air,

Unravelling the mysteries of life

While your surreal charisma,

Your sparkling insight

Take me to your world

Attired in many rainbow colors

Where my sense of fearing

Is replaced by my sense of loving.

© Pramila Khadun. All rights reserved.









Geethanjali Dilip

Stop labeling me, will you, you’ve absolutely no clue,
Where I came from, why I’m different, one among a few,
I don’t need to smile, or cry because you want me to,
You cannot see much, observe life, discern the way I do!!

You need not tolerate me, put up, empathize or sympathize,
Sadly it is you who needs it more, you fail, let me emphasize,
For in your desperation to comprehend, you try in vain to verbalize,
My silence is beyond your conditioned eyes, hard to visualize.

You need not blame yourself or fate for what happened to me,
Stop imagining you call every shot, playing God you hardly see,
It’s you who needs correction, refining, your soul needs scrutiny,
In acceptance lies courage, honour, surrender, love and dignity.

To me, waves are laughter, rustling trees unseen breezy kisses,
Earth is truth, sky is freedom, clouds sky drapes, your eye misses,
Flowers are Sun’s messages, its rays equal love, all that blesses,
It’s warmth the very reason pumping blood in your heart’s cornices!

Cancel the appointment with the doctors for they only research,
Their intentions good, but again they fail to see what they search,
They will give me labels, just to justify not leaving you in the lurch,
As you bring me back home confused, as you on this chair, me perch!

Love me for who I am, I do, grateful though I cannot fully express,
I accept how God made me, He can’t go wrong, I’m still His success,
I have learnt to keep my silence, sorry I landed you in my natal mess,
But learn patience, tolerance, love, come on, all conditions transgress!

We all have our challenges, shortcomings, shortsightedness, agree?
Just don’t label me as challenged, live with the truth, I’m a spirit free.

© ®Geethanjali Dilip 21.01.16. All rights reserved.


I can never tell others

Koshy AV

I can never tell others
what you see
that your blue may be different
and gold means nothing to you
but the colour runs like a dream
through everything you are and do

I can never tell others
God is a word
that becomes a reality
for those who have been embraced by you
hugged kissed bitten scratched
pinched and then cuddled
by you

I can never tell others
what you mean
your language
your being
except that blue and gold
is only the tip
of an iceberg
and all who have ones like you
are the lucky ones
lucky but unable to
always realise their luck

And when tears are in your eyes
or people ill treat us or you
or we ill treat you
it’s the world we want to leave behind
never you
into the blue
into the gold
where there are only those like you
blue rose
where the streets do not threaten you

© Koshy AV 2.4. 2016. All rights reserved.


Dream Children

Anindita Bose

Poem composed on World Autism Day, April 2, 2016, ‪#‎Napowrimo‬ (2)

They fly in that blue
sky when nobody sees

They hear different
words which are from
a world where love
flows heart to heart

Tiny stars floating
across the night sky
in search of a lost milky

They are harbingers of
a new world where no
dreams are abandoned

But this world needs
time to learn a
language that existed
in ancient times

These are not babies
but souls of wisdom
sailing through time to
spread a golden light in

And we are still in search
of miracles…

© Anindita Bose. All rights reserved.


A Golden World for Golden People

Himali Narang

A blue sky awaits the chosen few
Where love and acceptance reign supreme
There is peace and tranquility
Blissful abundance
Harmonious living.

All are equal and there are no divisions
Of caste colour or creed
There is no disease or hunger
Pain, sorrow or death
Have no existence.

Such a beautiful world exists
For the innocent people who suffer
Hatred in this cruel war stricken world
And these simple people are diamonds
In the making
They will inherit the enchanting world.

They will be free
Free from want or work
Shining bright faces will once again
be happy and smiling
These lovable children!!

© Himali Narang. 2 .4 .16. All rights reserved.


Light It Blue

Vineetha Mekkoth

On World Autism Day

When every scratch, every whisper
Seems like a screech, a scream
I shut my ears with my hands
Close my eyes, rock myself
Afraid, afraid

I don’t want to see
I don’t want to hear
I don’t understand
the noise, the bright light,
and the colours bizarre

Sometimes I see a gleam
I hear a tinkling
that soothes and then
I smile
I can laugh
I can play

Yet my world you see
Is not steady
At times it spins
Bucks like a horse
I am locked in
And I fall down
Deep down

It is when you
Hold my hand
Talk softly to me
Or sit by me silently
That at times
I understand

There is this light then
In you
In me
A light soft blue
Throbbing, merging
When you know

That you and I
Are not different
At some level
We are the same
Thinking, feeling
We are one.

© Vineetha Mekkoth, 2.4.2016. All rights reserved.


Blue Beyond

Geethanjali Dilip

Blue sky of infinite space so vast,
In Earthly realm this time He cast,
So we humans would understand,
Challenged we are to take a stand,
Of who you really are, you wonders,
Your deep eyes of crystal waters,
We cannot handle so much purity,
For we are differently abled despite our entirety!

Artistically bent they name you autistic,
A mispronunciation humanly pathetic,
For your eyes see a dimension we cannot comprehend,
It is we who need help our perspective, can you our mind mend?
Showing us what silence really means,
For we are all about cacophony, discord that screams!
Mute you are not indifferent, but we certainly lack,
Deciphering your gentlest silence, our brains we rack,
Cherubs of the firmament you came to transit,
So we would witness innocence although we do not that merit!

Blue is your endless language sublime,
Blue your formless form beyond time,
Blue like life’s water flowing sans confines,
Blue your immeasurable mind ray truth that defines,
Blue your vein that strings music beyond our ken,
Blue your feel and touch of distant stars failing my pen,

All this blue can never make us blue,
If only we knew that angels tread this Earth through you!!

© ® Geethanjali Dilip 02.04.16  #Napowrimo (2)


The Golden Blues

Aakash Sagar Chouhan

Every Nile flows till the horizon,
Gets done one on one with only Sun;
Immortal blues talk to dead Gold,
An even God even hears the untold.

Midas’ Pen also inks the same,
Like any other fountain rolling ballgame;
Under a dim lamp post stand,
In respite the papyrus understands.

Language is human invention,
Expressive gestures sanctified in Eden;
An ochre is born when colours merge,
Cradled by angels and demons;
Holy spirits land from hell and heaven.

Because autistic Adam never clarified,
Why did forbidden fruit of knowledge ever ripe;
What for the trinity excluded him,
Probably mankind in nutshell;
Feels caged and camouflaged to communicate.

©® Aakash Sagar Chouhan 02.04.2016. All rights reserved.


You will rise higher…

Sunila Kamal

Dedicated to World Autism Day

Why only blue, what will that do
I will show you all the life’s hues
Come with me my dear, hold my hand
I will take you to merry land
Where Alice will dance with hatter
Where language and angst don’t matter
Just joy and love shower flowers
I will be with you forever
To hold hands and sing lullaby
In nights to bring sleep to your eyes
Yes, I see deep love in your eyes
When you give hugs to equalize
I see all colours leap from fire
that want to surface and enquire
Will help to fulfill your desires
As phoenix you will rise higher

©Sunila Kamal 02/04/2016. All rights reserved.


On Autism

Fatima Afshan

He peeps from behind the curtain
And fears to come and utter a word
He thinks and dreams
And learns at his own pace
His imagination glides in the vast blue sky
As we don’t let it dwell around us
We bind ourselves with time and limits
And mock at and despise the one
Who is not a prisoner of self made confines
As we are
His potential is like the deep blue sea,
Our urns are too small to contain
When it overflows we blame not the urns
But the sea
Insecure are we, not him
As he does what he wishes
Still we think we are normal
And he keeps spinning little webs of dreams
To catch tiny moments of love
Which we fear to share with him

© Fatima Afshan 2-4-2016 #Napowrimo- 2. All rights reserved.


I Exist

Rituparna Majumder

People call you normal
is because I exist
people say you are complete,
is because I perish
People say you are human
But so am I.
People say you have a heart
But so do I.

The veins that rain you within,
Freak me too
The brushes that paint a rainbow,
Color me blue.
The slides, swing and the seesaw,
Tempts me every day.
Wish I could break the window grills,
At least for a day.

The clear blue sky that woos you freedom,
Burn my iris.
I talk, I stammer, I walk, I fall,
Yeah and that’s the way it is.
They say I am little different,
May be you are not.
But I am who I am,
May be you are not.

© Rituparna Majumder, April 2, 2016. All rights reserved.


So, we think

Pratima Apte

So, we think we are all normal people,
Very street smart,
Computer savvy,
Men about town,
Our feet picking up dust of numerous destinations,
Experienced to earn our own bread,
Free thinkers, amoral,
Legally correct, morally, who is?
We counter question!
And pat ourselves on our backs!
In the animal kingdom, nobody is a smuggler, hoarder or parsimonious or a glutton!
We are all that and yet normal?
In spite of having normal senses, reasonable intelligence,
We are not humane.
We are crackpots, deaf, dumb and blind in our
Everyday encounters with
Special people…
God help us to help ourselves as He has taught his significant children to!

©®Pratima Apte. All rights reserved.


God Chose You

Lily Swarn

God chose you to be my parents
For you have the innate capacity to love me
It’s you who are special,
my dear papa and mama, not me!

I am the fragile delicate blue rose
The one that is difficult to raise, they say
I am human therefore I have a soul
Like you all
I feel your love and i sense your worry
Even when you think my eyes are not focusing
I understand your concern
deep in my bones, even when I repeat the same word again and again
I twitch my fingers not because I want to
It’s because I simply have to

Tell them not to stare at me papa
Tell them I don’t scratch and bite
Because I am a bad boy, mama
I want to be on the bus, plane and train too
Why do they make me get off papa?

I wish I too could form the words like you
I wish I knew about language too
I wish I didn’t love music so
I wish I could yell on top of my voice whenever I want to
I wish I could keep staring into space
I wish I could look into your eyes
I wish I didn’t have to repeat what
you say!

I blossom with your careful,
patient nurturing
I am your precious blue rose!
My fragrance escapes most people
But I have an edging of gold
Etch me in your hearts for I am
Am Autistic child
And God loves me , even if some people don’t!
You are lucky that God picked you to tend to
one of his valuable blue roses!

©Lily Swarn 2.3.2016. All rights reserved.


Golden Blue

Daipayan Nair

They say, you are different.
For me, you are that part of the sky,
I call a kite.

You touch me every time, even though you don’t touch me.
I see something ‘blue’ in you, as you like
to remain.

The twigs living on my balcony are ready
to be read.
You had inscribed them just a while

Now, the air has your words. It’s filled. I take some of it
inside me.

That’s my capability, as walls are selfish.

At times, I hear you utter ‘gold’,

I wonder, if it’s a self introspection or a
momentary attraction.

And then, I see the horizon, in a discussion
with you.

I see something in your eyeball
And realise
My puniness.

© Daipayan Nair 02.04.15 ?#?WorldAutismDay? ?#?Napowrimo. All rights


Blues Song

Joie Bose


On World Autism Day

You ask why there is a rhythm to all my songs,
Boy, I’ve been singing blues for too long now, to stop
Patterns of music make more sense to me than you,
Your Union won’t allow any open shop.

There is vile madness in your regiment, soldier
Faking sanity you labour hard to fit in,
You’re commander’s golden rules are warped, you are warped,
Misinterpreting what is right or what is sin.

Generations after generation, go wild
Cities after cities get drenched in alcohol,
I see patterns emerge, I can decode, the codes
You glittered for long, boy, your ignorance can pall.

I bleed for humanity, atop dead corpses,
I pity you who kill for your nationality,
My song, is my panacea, I don’t get you,
No reason can redefine your rationality.

Ask why there has to be rhythm in my songs, boy
For your words don’t rhyme, with your time, or mine either,
Look! How you are becoming a Rhinoceros,
And I’m lying safe, in labyrinths of seizure.

©Joie Bose 2.4.2016. All rights reserved.


My Womb

Ritamvara Bhattacharya

I happened to write a real incident. A mother who bore an autistic child was left all alone.                      Names withheld. #NAPOWRIMO  (2)

You have left me
A curfew of a moth
hovers by my mouth.

Many thoughts weave by,
the noon breathes its sigh
Is it so called midnight?

I bore him in my womb
I waited and heaved
on acres of unclaimed seeds.

You resigned
Staring for the last time
I believe baby cuckoos do find nest and love.

You say it’s a rotten womb,
my child
stuck into my arms like the haunts of our love locked moans.

You say let him die in blues
The roots of cacti suck my frail juice.

I stand by him
You walk the safe sidewalk…

A blue hyacinth in bloom
the browns and grays of your feet.

©Ritamvara Bhattacharya. All rights reserved.


Autistic Blues

Rahul Ahuja

Ah! The vast azure so blue
Cerulean hyacinths bloom upon my soggy skin
Dreams drown in my bleeding ocean of gratification

I harvest motifs inside my limitless fields
Rays enter through my broken windowpane
I assemble the scattered pieces of my consciousness
Murals surface upon the cracked walls of my ruined town

I paint infant auroras upon the somber skies
My palette falls down in the abyss of autistic blues
Colours blend into an unending abstractness
In a forsaken museum a canvas comes to life
World fails to observe a masterpiece
An artist remains veiled behind the curtain

© Rahul Ahuja 02/04/2016. All rights reserved.


A Special Wish

Nalini Srivastava

Every year the day begins with big talks of blue and gold.

And the fights of which is more valid is also quite old.

Today, I chose Golden and my son chose blue,

Now don’t drag us into the fight, you two.

We, the parents and our kids,

See our dreams in rainbow shades.

And we do not welcome in our “different” world,

Dressed in placid mono chrome, boring maids.

We dream and aspire and try to make them true

We want all shades of smiles in our world,

Black, grey, silver, red, golden, yellow and blue.

We patiently wait while we try to draw your attention to us,

To see that we are also humans, whether we shriek or stay quiet…

Yes! The kids are different with shy smiles or sometimes blank looks,

And the parents are extra special to be trusted with Us

And they slog and fight and survive despite being always on tenterhooks.

We wait for the day; we won’t be segregated into normal and special,

All will welcome us all with open arms and be the part of a big open family, sticking together without bonds of some forced glue.

© Nalini Srivastava. All rights reserved.


Hold My Hand…

Nalini Srivastava

Hold my finger, my son, my light,
Not a baby anymore, I know.
Gone are days when I taught you to walk and run,
You are growing tall and brighter than the sun.
You thankfully still don’t tug at me, to set your free,
I try not to obstruct you and your fun filled spree.
I still plea, to hold my finger and walk with me.
Cause now I fumble sometime here and there,
I turn and look for you to guide me though.
So, now as I age and as you grow,
guide me on the path, holding me well,
where I saved you from stumbling
and now it’s your turn to see me through .

©Nalini Srivastava. All rights reserved.


A Gentle Soul

Nalini Srivastava

The seemingly lost in thoughts child
He is a gentle, shy soul within.
One of the gifted Crystal Children,
As they might like to say.
Yes, He developed late, He may speak rarely to you.
But the threads of million dreams woven
lie deep in his eyes somewhere.
Though tangled, tough to trace their ends,
Yes, he does lose his cool often,
He may hit and hurt sometimes.
But I know it’s his pain and frustration,
of not saying the untold thoughts.
Though he may come across as rude,
But then It is you who do not know his language.
Give time and patience to him,
Sit without any single expectations,
You will unearth,
the gentle blooming soul in him.

©Nalini Srivastava. All rights reserved.


Blue and Gold


The best gold for me glitters in the sand
and in the outlines of clouds when dusk peeps
True blue holds sway over the sea and sky
Together framing a world with secrets deep
whose whispers echo even in conch shells dry

The goldfinch tweets about it too
the ruffling trees second her song
The wind flies it to the river blue
There is gold in it, too much to be ever wrong

Voice in trees, scents in the rain
To explore life, we board different trains
To see my gold, wear your heart glasses
To see your blues, I will wear mine plain

©IncaWrite 3/4/2016. All rights reserved.
Autism Greeting Card by Samadhi Rajakarunanayake
Painting http://fineartamerica.com/featured/6-autism-samadhi-rajakarunanayake.html



My Precious One

Paromita Mukherjee Ojha

Hush! My bonny fairy
Night has seeped in, go off to sleep
I promise you my child
I would no more weep
Through all tribulations steep
My love for you would only grow deep
You are perfect to me in every possible way
Your tremulous smile holds my heart in sway
Everyday I see a little bit of you slip away
I fear what in future lay
So I am more determined to fight my fears
So that I can confidently wipe away your tears
For me, you are my precious one till eternity
Every facet of you is sublime
You are my reason to live till end of my time
I know God chooses select few to walk on this path proudly
Nurturing their precious child with love abundantly
I promise you my dear, no force would be able to draw us apart
As you will always own a piece of my heart

© Paromita Mukherjee Ojha, April 2016. All rights reserved.


Rainbow Blue 

Sufia Khatoon

The last drop of fog
On his tiny fingers
Felt like untouched dreams,
The blue of the rainbow
Stolen to colour
His beautiful world,
lights up his eyelids
To see beyond the blue universe.

Two world’s of real and unreal,
Hang between his unconscious
Senses, his broken smiles,
His dazzled eyes, his
Shaking steps to find
The truth about life.

He finds hope and peace,
In my hands he finds familiar
I look out the window,
All grown up. A little conscious
About life’s complexities.
I step down to shade
His innocence, he
Holds my hands to
Share his perfect world
In the not so perfect life
To walk the greeny hills,
And touch the blue of the
Rainbow with his sister.

© Sufia Khatoon 4/4/16. All rights reserved.


Share Love

Sha Azam Siddiqui

Only the Creator of the Universe
Knows exactly about people’s destiny
The blue and gold are the path of life
To where life is a gift to live to prosper
To explore the matter of our journey

The compassion prevail
To share love is the most
Wonderful experience to battle
Thus suffice the ache when it’s held
Against the sorrow of pain

Life could be beautiful
If there is no racial discrimination
If there is no misconception
Understanding every religion
Future could be solid diamond

Away from quarrel fights and war
Smiles all over a happy face
Of each individual happily
Exists in this wonderful planet
To live until their last breathe

© Sha Azam Siddiqui. All rights reserved.


A Mother’s Assurance to her Autistic Child

Sunila Kamal

Here’s an acrostic poem.

A Aware I am of the love you need always
U Unaware I am not of gold and blue rays
T To heal you, to raise you I would pursue without doubt
I In my hands take yours, I’ll hug you tight throughout
S Sometimes I would like to be God for that
M Mother I am yours, your pains I will drive away

A Autism is a word but you are my whole world
W Wait and see the light of hope that shines in world
A Ask the messengers of future they will tell
R Rolls the time to usher new diagnostic knowledge
E Experiences past give mankind proofs to weigh
N Never lose hope of sudden healing miracles
E Early interventions can remove obstacles
S Science will give birth to special learning techniques
S Special steps you will learn and step up new summits

D Day schools, care centres have potential benefits
A ABA program is crossing positive miles
Y Yes, flowers will bloom to bring smiles, my child

©Sunila Kamal  02/04/2016. NaPoWriMo # 2. All rights reserved.


Alive in Blue and Gold

Rajdeep Chowdhury

I sigh to endure the fracas of veracity
Affray enchanted gaze at my trait

I sense atypical amid cluster of usual
Grasp of angst or freedom to elate

Infancy to ripeness, sundry with fright
Tumult galore at steps to endeavor

Will to expedite amid plight refurbished
Unify inhibited interest and cyclic behavior

Plunked soaring amid clump of shallow entity
Vanished amid all or all vanished with time

Alive in blue and gold confronting all incite
Bleed the core in blue and smile a golden shine

© Rajdeep Chowdhury. April 2, 2016. All rights reserved.



Perveiz Ali

Let me paint… blue, yellow and green,
On the white canvas of a tainted theme.
Blots of anger, ego and hate erased with wide brush,
To prepare canvas for strokes of gentle touch.
Love, harmony and peace the paint now applied,
The new art a beauty to behold, we’re tongue tied.
No more blood red… green, gold and blue now glow,
The picture now taking shape
ready to show.
A scene of lush forestry with blue skies, a sunny day,
No more bleakness or red rain,
horrors held at bay.
No unsightly religious or regional lines,
The scene boasting evergreen giant pines.
All nicely blended with a loving stroke,
Come enjoy this sight, put down that heavy yoke.

© Perveiz Ali. All rights


Mother of an Autistic Child

Sreemathi Ravi

A wordless world spreads in blue
Draining days don’t stop her from loving him true
Peeping into the mind of her cherished son
And doing all that he needs is not at all fun
She is never tired to help him try again and again
The love and pain intertwined when her efforts end in vain
She laughs and cries at the same time
When fate dances so harsh a chime
He is a poem to her with an invisible rhyme
Her love for him is crowned with prime
Dark nights are fought with his fears and cries
She will never trade it for the world for he is the apple of her eyes
With struggle, laughter, pain and love
She feels blessed to have him as heaven’s boon from above
For the ordinary people he is an autistic
But for her he is incomparably
fantastic !

© Sreemathi Ravi. April 4, 2016. All rights reserved.


You are Lost Within

Gauri Dixit

You are lost within

Your own world

Perhaps happy

I am lost too

As I can’t figure out

If you are sad

I am limited

With my


For I don’t know

Any other language

To talk to you

You must be thinking

She is so stupid

Doesn’t even understand

Simplest of things

I just want some water, Ma

I am thirsty

Yes, I am stupid

Can you teach me

Rules of your world

I know it is a tough ask

For I don’t even know the basics

All I have is some love.

© Gauri Dixit 2016. All rights reserved.


Blue and Gold

Jeanne Ellin

I speak gently in baby blue

you flinch hearing thunderclouds’ purple

You offer cool gold that etches like acid

I offer a warmer tone that raises blisters.

Colourless silence seems less painful

no rainbow bridge for us.

Love does not translate the spectrum gap.

Yet you remain sunshine that I cannot bask in.

My most serene azure hurts your eyes

and yet we should be a fine summer day.

©Jeanne Ellin. 2/04/2016. All rights reserved.


Blue and Gold

Kiren Babal

The little bundle of joy

I held in my arms

Close to the bosom

Seal of our love.

The Apple of my eye

May be blue or gold

Holding golden thread of love

My heart throbs evermore.

You are but a little bud

In time will surely bloom

Don’t shy to take your baby steps.

Creating your own milestones.

Wish I could peep in your world

Listen to your song of life

For I see you playing with paper feather

Close to your ears, smiling all the time

The golden thread of love

Laced with hope trust and courage

In your stand alone spirit of life

Keep moving on, keep moving on.

Listen to the whispers dear

I blow them all the time

In your journey if you falter

The golden blue thread of our bond

Will hold your hand every time.

To see the paradise through your eyes!

©Kiren Babal. ‪#‎Naporimo1‬.April first #2. All rights reserved.


#NapwrmoDay 2: April 2

Santosh Bakaya

Yanked out of its slumber by the orchestra of birds
The sleepy sun parted the cloudy curtains
Flashing his gold-yellow smile,
And vanished behind the clouds
To snuggle some more.
“Rise and shine,’ chirped the birds
The sun grimaced, clasping his eyes tight.
“The night is over, get up, you yellow- golden sprite!”
They raised a hue and cry half-crazed.
At their raucosity, intensely amazed
The sun summoned his yellow- golden rays
“Let’s splash our hues like all days.”
Obeying their boss’s command, the rays big and small
Looked at the wide blue spaces, swallowed their gall
Splashing yellow-gold at blue spaces all.
The mother tugged at the sleeve of her son
“Look, son, the sun is up and about.”
The son peered towards the east
Pierced which was with javelins of yellow and gold.
Emboldened by the golden rain, he beamed. .
Dropped his angry pout, and was up and about!
The sky now lay steeped in the brilliance of the new-born sun
The birds happily flew away, triumphant at a job well-done.

© Santosh Bakaya. All rights reserved.


A Graceful Dance

Pushpa Moorjani

There is breathless
Hush in the close
I see you move
Unaware of
Sound and fury of
My pride

Like a peacock
Spreading its wings
You dance to the rhythm

Nobody guessed
your struggle of
Stiff bones
And unstable mind

It was not easy
Many times
I almost died
To see you fall
After few graceful steps
On the floor
Unable to arise

Remember I said
“You cannot do
Leave it,
This art is not for you”
You blinked, confused when
I packed your anklets
Kept them aside

I blamed myself
For dreaming on a star
Guilt stung me like a thorn
I could not mould you
Into perfection
Of a happy child

But today,
Wide-eyed I watched
Through my night-smudged vision
You moved
Twisted and twirled
To a rhythm of your soul
Pulsing my heart
With melody
that cut like a knife

I could only hear
Audience around me
Applaud many times.

Tears blind me

I see you shine

© Pushpa Moorjani. All rights reserved.


Blue, Gold and You

Vijay Nair

My typist
son is asleep and so I am typing this:” I can see it in your smile:
The eagerness and the uncertainty
To know the truths of your universe
And mine. I can sense
You, quietly, building bridges in your mind
Hoping others would cross over
To talk to you in your sound-filled tongue.
Perhaps, what you really crave is for people
To respect your time and space
When you need your privacy.
Your sudden silence and your sudden violence
Are not acts of idiocy but your fear
When you see things we don’t get to see.
I know it’s difficult for you and those who love you
But nothing comes easy in this world
Where not just the sun is gold
Or the sky is blue.

Vijay Nair. All rights reserved.


primary colours

Michele Baron

the things we lose, sometimes,
if we and they belong,
have a way of finding their way back
to us – or we to them, somehow,
after all…
and in the blue of trust in the future,
the gold of possibility shines,
not shrinking for fear of struggle,
but happy, along the way,
that there is something worth
journeying to find

© Michele Baron Napowrimo April 2, 2016. All rights reserved.


 A Special Gift

Kuchibhotla Sarada

And finally She is a Mom
Not by accident Or by choice
Pressure or norms

God chose her ~
Deposited a special drop of love
In her womb
With care.

Because she knows to laugh ~ genuinely
She has strong shoulders
And for her forbearance
Also because she has
the Feeling of self-independence
And finally because HE trusts she sees through things
As HE perceives.

She will have a special child
She will love him more than anything in the Universe
She will be envied by many

A miracle wrapped up
And sent to her
From heavens above

© Kuchibhotla Sarada


For as long as I can tell

Ananya Chatterjee

For as long as I can tell
Each day of my boyhood
carried a different smell

On days when Pa
rushed back home
And hurled me into
The blue blue sky
Again and again
With infectious joy
While you watched
And sighed
Glassy eyed
The sun grazing
Your auburn hair..
On such days you smelt
Golden… Mama
Beaming like
January marigolds

On days when
Your face would fall
And silence would rise
Like needles of ice
Between dad’s voice and yours
On such days my home
Turned dark and waveless
Like the unending oceans
Of my dreams

On such days when you
kissed me goodnight
You smelt of blue forget me nots
Always of blue forget me nots

For, as long as I was a little boy
Blue or gold was never a hue
Rather, a lingering smell
Of the day..
And what the day had
Done to you

(c) Ananya Chatterjee


While we live in a world

Deepti Singh

While we live in a world
Where we decide the rules
Following as per advantage
And becoming April fools

There are a league
Who go by God’s reckoning
Pure souls build their own world
Mystifying.. colourful.. free

We are normal we suppose
A little deviation ..and we impose
Our rules in odds of His rule
This is how we are April fools!!

(c) Deepti Singh 2.4.16


‘ Raison D’ etre ‘

Urooj Murtaza
You grew in my womb
Absorbing my love
My precious child
A blessing in disguise..
You rebuilt my bones..
So my heart would be.. your comfortable home..
I’ll be reading your fingers while you will write..
I’ll caress your thoughts
In the moments of fright..
I’ll be your hand
I’ll be your tongue
I’ll be the words of your poem .. unsung
I know its hard for you to learn
But remember one thing through this you will earn
The lesson to say good bye to pain
The treasures of wisdom that are huge to gain..
Oh ! Fear not
Because you are special
My ‘ raison d’ etre ‘
My garden’s precious petal..
(c) Urooj Murtaza


Note from Nalini Srivastava:

These poems are created by reputed poets who have presented their insight for the cause. Mostof the poems are entries to a poetry competition‪ #‎Napowrimo on the group “The SignificantLeague” on Facebook.

I have taken permission of each of the poet, whose work I have shared here.

The credit of the idea for these entries and work is to be credited to Dr Ampat Koshy.

He and I are among a few such parents, who are blessed with special kids. We aim to create a world full of love, care and acceptance for our kids. The poets mentioned here are not all parents or family but I bow to their spirit of love, compassion and empathy for our kids. They have made an effort to peep into the world of Autism. This is what we parents expect from the entire world all around and hopefully, one day we will succeed.

Pix sourced from Authors and Net

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