A Girl’s Lament

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A girl’s life is full of woes. Discriminated at home, she is often tortured in her in-law’s place too, says Aarti, in this verse. A Different Truths exclusive.

She was the only sister of four brothers
About whom she once proudly said, “They love me and am fortune to have them,”
She was the only daughter among the five children
She believed she was the most pampered
But she was wrong
Her desires were curbed saying
It is a tradition that girls don’t do this or that
From early age she was indulged into home-chores
She was thoroughly fed and nurtured to be strong and tough
Like a manly physic
Her mother for her dignity in the society enrolled her in the best school
The girl was fortunate enough to swim in that ocean of knowledge
But was not allowed to go deep
Was shackled with burden of responsibilities as she was growing
Her desire to have the sacred drops of knowledge was slowly being ruined
She was beaten
Taught to share with siblings
But they weren’t to reciprocate
Slowly she could see her dreams being shattered by her mother
Her beauty being cursed
She the budding flower was made to feel the ugliest pitch
She was taught to be true and honest to each kinship
But to have no friends
Yet she was often surrounded by the dignitaries
That brought the smile of greed in her mother’s eyes
Siblings till they had their spouse aided to some extent
But later she was considered only to cook and mop the floors
Nevertheless, she believed she was pampered to the best
Like a doll she was seen to the society
But there was hidden mental and physical torture that would kill her anxiety
Married she was in a big five-star hall
Her self-esteem her desires ignored
To a mama’s boy, with education and literacy snored
Her dreams were shattered when she was veiled
Compared to the maids of her husband ‘s house
She grieved
God was kind enough
That her husband was loving and not tough
But the time for her was still harsh and rough
She struggled and battled for her survival
The war not yet over though the curved lines on her face now seem to be broken
She still battles and wars every moment
At times for her self-esteem at times for her survival
All her life
She was sarcastically tortured
With piercing words
Yet her smile was as fresh as the garden buds…

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  1. Rupa Rao 4 weeks ago

    Aarti-That someone hopefully is flexing to break through those shackles inhibiting her soul, learning, and growth- breaks my heart!! Many must have gone through and still do…. wow, very relevant

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