A Caged Bird / Colour

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Here are two poems by Simran. She feels the agonising pain of a bird held captive in a cage and the sweet pain of love.

A Caged Bird

A caged bird put behind the metal bars,

Unable to look through,

And locate the night stars.

Her dreams, long lost.

Through the cage,

Went the summer air and

The days of frost,

She had met the dawns and the dusks of change,

But couldn’t feel them and greet them.

She knew the breezes but did not know

How they could kiss her feathers,

And how they could carry her in their arms,

And help her soar in the open air.

She had meals to eat and the tall fences to stare,

But no one to genuinely care

Always murmuring her prayers,

She wished to once try

How to fly, under the sun,

Above the rooftop.

Her wings were just unused features.

But she wanted to give them power to try, to fly.




Even the crayon has

To reduce to paint art.

I too have to give my

Heart away in pieces

When I write about you.


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