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Mute Spectators

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A poem of protest against violence and war, by Vandita, for Different Truths exclusively.

My mind introspectively reflects
I ponder, I seek,
I die a million deaths
Was that bloodshed justified?
Did it really affect the people who cried?
Am I to ignore the savagery
That pierces the innermost core
Of my shattered heart?
Selfish gains and political mileage
Overshadow the trauma of losing a dear one.
But why is it so, do we even care?
Why does money govern love today?
Has mankind forgotten love’s true essence?
_ Sad yet true.
We talk of unity, peace and brotherhood
But fail to fathom their true significance.
Hush, let us speak in muffled tones
Lest our voices are heard.
We have become silent spectators
Voiceless, weak and cowardly.
If we condemn what is unethical
We might be hurled to the gallows.
So, mute we are and mute we remain
Blissfully unaware of the anguish,
The loss and the pain.

©Vandita Dharni

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