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A sweet lingering memory, sensuous and passionate is celebrated in verse, by Rajashree, exclusively for Different Truths.

Memories …
Like fairy dreams
Mystery of foamy waves
Drift to a tormented shore .

Song of souls
Celebrations of togetherness
At the confluence
Of swirling rivers .

A lover’s dream
Lost in Ajanta
In colours of frescoes
Dazzling gems of floral rumours

Orchestra of soulful  melody
Dance in romantic rhapsody
Transient elusive beauty
A dream of glimpse  of eternity .

A petalled pleasure
Fragrance of rose
Touch of forked cactus
A fading rainbow.

Memories …
Swim up and down
Concealed in the heart
Of ceaseless rolling sea.

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  1. P. K. Verma 3 months ago

    I am impressed once again .

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