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Love Needs not Words

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A love poem by Pramila, exclusively for Different Truths.

They always met under the mango tree
Almost at the same time everyday
When the birds were about to sleep
And the bats would flap their wide wings
To go towards the fruit trees laden with fruits.

He would hold her hand in his
And look at her in the eyes.
She would look down as she was so shy.
And he said something to her
With his eyes and she would answer
To him, always with the eyes.

Their hearts spoke about their feelings,
Their emotions, their joys, their fears
And their love which nothing could change.
They were so happy, so peaceful,
So united that they desired for nothing else.
And their love remained love, untouched,
It never grew into a relationship.

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  1. Rupa Rao 2 weeks ago

    Pramila-Sweet story…

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