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In my Mom’s Garden

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An evocative Nature poem by Monika, exclusively for Different Truths.

In the thick of
green leaves and hued flowers,
there are the singing birds
and the squirrels that dash and dart.

Along with the chirps and tweets,
as if the breeze lends its voice
to the garden for those
who can listen with more than their ears.

My Mom’s Garden is always
a shade brighter in moonlight.
Where rain is a magical fluid
and Sun is a humble star.

The bougainvillea becomes gold,
the roses simper and smile.
The grass is a shade of every dreamer’s
meadow, roots sated and quenched.

The Promises of Rose Garden’.
Along with the Sunshine
there are subtle rains sometimes.
… All in my Mom’s Garden

Photos by the poet

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  1. Rupa Rao 3 months ago

    I can visualize it all!!!! A heaven

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