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In the recent past, the nation was in the grip of war hysteria. Turmoil continues in many parts of the world. Amrinder’s evocative poem acquires greater relevance. A Different Truths exclusive.

I don’t know
When mountain mists were replaced by artillery smoke.
When snowballs metamorphosed into balls of fire
When birds were eased out of skies by fighter jets
When the laughter of children was drowned in bomb blasts
I don’t know when the border civilians, holed in bunkers
Will breathe again, the fresh air their lungs are used to.
I don’t know how in such trying circumstances
Dread and courage became inseparable buddies.
I do not know how many wars will to be fought for peace
How many lives will be lost before we gain victory?
How many corpses are required to build a new ‘war memorial’?
In these confused unstable times, as we sit on dynamite
I just don’t know anything about anything, anymore.

©Dr. Amrinder Kaur Bajaj

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