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I am Enough

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The rat race, sadness and despair, give way to hope, in this inward-looking poem by Rina. A Different Truths exclusive.

Here I am scrolling endlessly through my feed.
It is long past midnight and my family is asleep.
What is this that drives me to stubbornly stay awake?
To envy and grouse over all that others have made?

I look at their houses – nice and well maintained.
Their bodies too, are much the same.
Their children munch on vegetable snacks
While I rely on store-bought trash.

And then there are those who have touched the sky
CEOs and CFOs and those on career highs.
I adjust my pyjamas and sit down to write.
My page remains blank even though I sit all night.
There are so many things that I yearn to be
There are so many dreams that have bid farewell to me.
My hair is not sleek, my eyebrows not on fleek
And my nose is like a pterodactyl’s beak.

I sit and I wallow in gloom and despair.
And one day I decide I have to come up for air.
I take a walk-in broad daylight and feel the sunlight on my skin
I suddenly realise why I was dying within.
For as long as I remember, I wanted to win.

I wanted to huff and puff and race all the way to the top.
I would win all the medals, and nothing would make me stop.
Till life, gently reminded me that I have to let it be
For there are no medals for best life or children or selfie.
What I am is a melancholic dreamer who likes to run.
What I am is a full-time writer who likes fun.
What I am is a mother to children who hate anything green.
What I am is a friend to those who are in need.
I am kind and I am funny and sometimes I am not.
There are a lot of things I am and quite a lot that I am not.
I may not ever be seen as a diamond in the rough.
But I am what I am and that is quite enough.

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  1. Rupa Rao 2 months ago

    Rina Bindal- Each word and feeling rings true for soooo many of us… race HAS to be with myself to better the version of me -no more; no less!!! Love your flow of thoughts. god bless!!!

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