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He Wants to Speak…

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A protest poem by Sudhansu, exclusively for Different Truths.

The universe settles on the narrow eyes

The vision arising

From the hope of a dying man

Face dark with sighs

Torture transcends

Relief of the undiluted grief of a frozen silence

Hanging onto my window pane

Perhaps to speak an unspoken language.

Lines curve, straighten and curve again

To paint the portrait of his inner one.

The color fades away

The brush mocks at me to paint the summer sky

To calculate the petals of a winter rose.

He stood and looked between the shoulders

Between the brows.

The small hour approached to whisper a word

Just a word

that moved on the broken lips and stopped

The echo merged in the vale.

All words too finite and small

To echo the soundless empty hall

To gather the images of a broken glass.

No tear, no sigh, no voice

The shadow returned back

Only syllables of silence

©Sudhansu Dash

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