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Foes Intertwined Forever in a Moment

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Destiny brought together similar souls with similar missions, from across borders, in this poem, by Rupa. A Different Truths exclusive.

Interlinked are foes in one’s life and others death
Two warriors are heroes to own country’s breadth
Each born with blood of promised to serve armed services
Each raised on uplifting tales of heroism and stories of braveries
Each across the dividing line of two countries with history
Each enrolled again like parent to serve own country
Came the call of the hour asking for skilled defense
Each rose tall and without a shred of hesitance
Each with a mission to obliterate the others camp
Each in air with heavy grenades beyond pomp
Both bombing the others land of loved and its shore
Both lost the aircraft to land same side to face mobs roar
What is price paid in wars for friendly fire?
What is the cost of mistaken fury of mob ire?
One lost life in hands of brethren he fought to protect
other hurt but saved by destiny to right that’s incorrect

Two families with similar histories, heroism, upbringing, parentage
A moment in time collided for two, then diverged, in destiny’s patronage
Ahead is a road to greatness for one, whose bravery stirred a country
Proud of lost hero is yet grieving for a son is a country and his family.

©Rupa Rao

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  1. Rupa Rao 2 months ago

    Wing Cdr Abhinandan Varthman is son of a former decorated fighter pilot father(Airmarshall Simhakutty Varthaman) and doctor mother from Chennai.

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