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An intense love poem with paroxysm of emotions, by Pramila, exclusively for Different Truths.

Ever since you stepped
Into the private chambers of my heart
That was vacant since time immemorial,
You unraveled the mysteriousness
Of my existence, profound and profuse,
Adding rhyme and reason
To its being the seat of love.

I overcame the dark fears triumphantly.
In jubilation, silent and solemn,
I ran towards the undulating plains
Oblivious of the thunder and lightning
While the smiling sun
Splashed its rays over my face
Beaming with unadulterated joy.

I sang to the rhythm of the bees
About your love that exalted me
And for which I had pined till now.
While the flame of the aromatic candle
Flickered across my glowing lips,
Touching the luscious rise and fall
Of my bosom beautiful,
Not leasing my imagination,
I thought of your smiles,
Sometimes subtle, sometimes hidden.

You poured in my mouth honey
Extracted from the matured comb,
Garlanded my neck smooth
With glistening jasmines,
Nurturing the depths of my heart
With emotions erotic
With nothing to impede its brilliance.

And last night, when I swam
In your uncharted waters,
Transgressing all barriers,
In a pure poetic ambiance,
I could feel the fragrance,
Of a million roses in bloom
While your lips touched mine
In unison, a prelude to another
Love story which has neither
A beginning nor an end.

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