Beware: What Does this Word Trigger in our Mind?

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Beware played on the mind, for long, till it lasted no longer, beware revealing its tangible and evident (once the revelation was received) roots, its “parents,” holding the reason behind its birthing, its coming into being, says Sushmita. A Different Truths exclusive.

My first encounter and interaction with the word “beware” happened courtesy of a board on a gate, bearing and declaring: “Beware of dog!” This was received (as also pre-set in the mind by peers) as a warning, a caution, which, when and if unheeded, danger could be a likely possibility for which none else could be held responsible, as danger as the option had been already displayed by the board.

This played on my mind, for long, till it lasted no longer, beware revealing its tangible and evident (once the revelation was received) roots, its “parents,” holding the reason behind its birthing, its coming into being.

Awareness holds the key. Without the awareness of anything and anyone, they are absent for us — though, they are present. Just think about the route that you take quite often or daily, while going to the market or your office. A building, an advertisement board, a tree…and a multitude of things could be standing by the roadside. Yet, everyday, there is one thing or the other that you get to see, which, when seen, tell: “I have been here since long. It is only today that you have noticed my presence…it is only today that you have become aware of my presence…it is only today you have come to see my presence.”

Indeed, that has been and is my ongoing experience, and thus, the first meaning of “beware” though did last long, but not forever. Life ensures that unveiled are its grandeurs, awareness holding the key to this journey, enabling us to navigate and negotiate, through the intertwined lanes and by-lanes…arising out of the varied relationships, in the various domains of life, life the main and one whole domain.

Awareness, “opened” itself to me as and through the word beware, as well, beckoning, gently and firmly: “Be aware!” Goodness me! In that moment, I couldn’t discern whether I was elated more or I was perplexed more. On one hand, the joy that accompanies a revelation was elevating, enamoring and riveting. Concurrently, made aware of the intrinsic invocation and implication of “beware,” the current of awareness also was acknowledged as to how could and did I miss that that was so apparent and crystal-clear now.

It is all about being aware, primarily of our own selves, and so calls out life, repeatedly: “Be aware!” Otherwise, beware turns out as a warning: “Beware of absent or hazy self-awareness!” The moment our sight and vision are turned inwards, the sight and the vision gain, and keep on gaining, clarity, seeing clearly and seeing through the apparent, awareness guiding to and through the intangible, seeing the tangible in a new light, the light intrinsic shining clearly of the words too.

Life does serve the warning and invocation, together: “Beware!” “Be aware!”

It is a warning not to get carried away by the assertions of the peers, who assert corresponding to their set of experiences. It is a warning to beware of the conditioned thoughts. We can’t please all, yet, when we ease into our very being, and be it, life eases, even if the going is not easy. We aren’t people-pleasers, and hence, life, through constant self-referral, keeps us reminding and making us aware of this folly, this inertia, this tendency to “go along to get along.” This does not carry us for long…nor does it carry us far, though yes, we find ourselves afar from our own selves.

Life is spent, if attention is on everything else but the self. Life is lived, when attention is on self-awareness, and attended to is, the knowing of self and one’s role.

So, awareness calls out: “Be aware, as, being aware is freedom from all entrapments, dangers and pains in life. Be aware of your self, as the self holds the key to success unlimited—living life fully, to the fullest, one with the Source of everything, and thus, realizing the self to be infinitely resourceful. Be wired to the awareness that you are, ‘I Am That I Am,’ and cook the recipes, delectable, of your life, as awareness is the ware which cooks and in which is cooked all manifestations of life.”

Neville Goddard affirms (paraphrased): “Awareness brings to being that that one is aware of being and having.”

Hence, awareness also calls out, as the conventional, usually used meaning of beware, as it cautions: “A gift, needs to be acknowledged as a gift, to be used as a gift, lest, it is lost to ignorance…and wasted.

Beware of limitation of perception, beware of lack of awareness…beware of unawareness of awareness. If you are not, you’re not: you’re lost, as you have not accessed your truth—you know not who you’re. And when you are not aware of who you’re, you’re not, even though you’re but effectively not—as awareness of being brings the being into being.”

Life is not didactic, but it adopts the ways which seemingly appear so, these being its tactics to render one and all beware. Being aware, smiling broadly, one puts up a board, displaying, declaring, cautioning, encouraging, affirming: “Be aware! Beware of ignorance! Be aware of awareness. That holds the key to the real success, leading to and through the process of life seeking no recess!”

Looks can be deceptive and restrictive, could be a mask, asking to peel it and find that that is behind the mask—much more, and quite oft the lofty Truth of life and self as one. Face value or the infinite intrinsic value, what we choose, we are called to be aware of!

Ways are enchantingly enigmatic, of life, without any recess, life a crèche, ensuring that we be aware, of who we are, who and what we are being…and yes, who and what we are not…guiding to be that that we are rendered aware of as our Truth of being!

(This column — the concept and the revelation, along with a bit of its portion—forms a chapter of a forthcoming book).

©Sushmita Mukherjee

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