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Sarala depicts the woes of an abused marriage and the courage to break away from it, in this verse, exclusively for Different Truths.

With your sweet words and gifts
You tempted me to tie the knot
Slowly you started peeling off your mask layer by layer showing your gruesome ways
thrashing me and threatening me, taking away all my gold and silver just to buy your booze, your daily poison!
I withstood so much
Just to keep our marriage alive
No more
No more I will withstand
Getting you locked up
up is difficult as you can disappear in disguise in a jiffy!
I am quitting
Yes quitting
To leave you with your daily poison!
You live or die I care not
My life is important now
I am marching forward
To a new horizon
A new life
A new courageous me
saving young girls from
demons in human form.

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