How to Overcome the ‘Double Discontent’ of Style!

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Different Truths’ fashion consultant and style consultant, Susmita, gives some handy tips on how to pair your saree-blouse , with a little imagination and lots of .

Speaking of writing, Sir David Lodge had said that writers are faced with ‘double discontent’. Either the words are too many or too few. He explains that a writer struggles for the ‘right word’. Similar, is the case of a , standing and staring at her closet for a very long time. She too is faced with the ‘double discontent’ of style.

A typical woman rues, “Ooh My God! What should I wear?” 

With a little imagination, we might make the same clothes, with a bit of twist and turn, give a completely . Trust me, you will make heads turn.

Let’s talk of sarees. Traditionally pairing a saree with a blouse is the norm. You may cross the boundaries, today. Who said you can’t make a new combo pack! Be . Add a zing and give a totally new look. Try spaghetti tops long or short, puffed sleeves fitted shirts, beach tops, Rajasthani skirt tops, long , t-shirts, fitted jackets, just about anything that you dare to carry.
The occasion of your dressing also gives you the essence of your special flavor.Let’s say you may wear the same saree with a spaghetti tops or even knotted fitted shirts or fitted  if your occasion is informal like visiting a fair, evening coimagejpeg (2)ffee day, ethnic or cultural show. But, if the occasion is formal, like dinner or reception or meetings, stick to the traditional saree-blouse ensemble or maximum stretch to Kurtis or short shirt blouses to give the formal look.

This picture here gives a peak into the different looks you might create with your spice of blouses. Try the unusual. Meander off the beaten track. Create your very own style .


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Susmita, a commerce graduate from Bombay University, is trained in HR management. She is an entrepreneur and fashions designer sarees. Susmita practices Reki and yoga. She dabbles with fusion styles and experiments with clothes and accessories. Her interests range from culinary skills to various dance forms, from meditation to exercise. She stays in Dubai with her husband and two sons.