Impacting Lives in a Subtle way

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Shruti profiles a youth, Aniket Singh, who gave up a job in an American MNC to work among the poor and downtrodden. It was the fire in his belly that made him launch the Friends of PVCHR. One committed person is enough to mark the beginning of change.

Linking with the last people of the society is a way to create inclusive and plural world. A 24-year old management graduate, working for an American Multinational in India, had started decently well with his professional career, but that is not all that he ever desired. His dreams went beyond a fat paid salary, luxurious lifestyle and having a white collar job.

Meet Aniket Singh, who as an individual, sands different than most of the young lads of his age. He aspires to have a world, where all men are treated equal, every child gets a good education, and all women are respected. But aspirations and dreams are not enough, what really makes a difference is to make relentless efforts, have empathetic attitude and willingness to go an extra mile to convert the desires into a reality.

He was associated with PVCHR a couple years ago and created a group of young individuals who wish to be the change in the society. This group is now popularly known as Friends of PVCHR. They’re silently working to the best of their potential to bridge the gaps that our society has created amongst the people.

The Friends of PVCHR have collaborated with a few local NGOs in and around Mumbai and have been silently operational in various tasks of nation building. Some of the key activities undertaken by Friends of PVCHR under the guidance of Aniket are ‘Creating a facility for differently-abled children to undergo therapy and exercises’, ‘Providing educational kits to the kids from a remote villages in Maharashtra’, ‘Contributing in enhancing the IT-related training module for the kids in remote villages of Uttar Pradesh’ and many more.

Lenin Raghuvanshi, the CEO and Founder of PVCHR said, “Effort of Aniket is the hope for globalisation of humane sensibility, world over. India needs many more kids like these who’re willing to contribute to the society while they’re also managing their career.”

He has been closely working on several developments in the field of social service where he is trying to build strategic partnership with global organisations and channel the resources in India to ensure a better world in times to come. A lot of hopes thrive on his efforts.

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Shruti is a social activist and co-founder of People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Right (PVCHR), India. A strong activist in favour of justice for the downtrodden, aptly describes Shruti’s persona. She has won many national and international awards for her work in promoting social justice and defending rights of the marginalised, vulnerable Dalit women and children, mainly in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, India.