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Here’s an evocative, woman-centric by Sudeshna, for .

How honourable is thy honour?

Is it something found in a corner?

So let the candle burn in a

Let the fire simmer to a low

Oh! Girl you chose the easy way out

Flaunt your beauty to the louts

Ill equipped to deal with life’s blow

You defied to go against the flow

Born a woman, given no skills

Perfect were you for the

Made famous by leering

Your incandescent was left to

Mocking at your bold defiance

In was their compliance

Your folly was to life

Taking on the rogues at the edge of the knife

Shallow vacuous desires all

Ignorant idlers conspired tall

What you did for a living was demeaning

What others did for you was so ennobling?

Laid low by your own

Whom you gave all without a moan

Silenced dignity wrapped in a shroud

Ahh! They all are jubilantly proud

Drugged and asphyxiated in your sleep

Hideous Humanity’s quantum leap

Is honour only restricted to ?

Carnal bestiality worn by keeper’s men

Strange are the ways of normal men

Cowards in their lairs and their dens!

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©Sudeshna Mukherjee

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Sudeshna Mukherjee was born in Kolkata but grew up in the beautiful Jharkhand (Ranchi) and it was here that she learnt to admire and appreciate Nature. Educated from Loreto Convent and St Xavier’s College, she majored in Economics. She always contributed articles and stories for magazines. Post marriage she moved to Mumbai, a cultural melting pot – here she observed, absorbed and assimilated. Sensitive and emotional, her journey in her Poemotions continues to grow…