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Xi Makes a Changez Khan Pitch: Peaceful Life on Earth is Under a Threat

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President Xi Jinping will be the ‘Changez Khan’ of the 21st Century. The man, like his sprawling country, is a glutton for land, a bear for ‘territory’; and when he says “its territory”, you know he’s the smooth-faced liar the Chinese always were. Here’s a report, for Different Truths. 

The Chinese girl looked him in the eye and declared, “China Ver Beeg; China Ver Strong.” Stung by her dismissing tone, he retorted: “India Also Ver Beeg; India Also Ver Strong.” That brought a faint smile on her inscrutable face and she exchanged a knowing look with her brother, ex-PLA soldier, lanky with spiky hair, arms wiry bands of muscle. He could either jump into the Yalu – the river which separates China from North Korea – or arm-wrestle ex-PLA bro. He chose to chopstick a slice of dog-meat from the red coals on the Korean grill!

That was a decade ago, in the Chinese city of Shenyang bordering North Korea, during the ‘Hu Years’. Now, at the beginning of an endless number of ‘Xi Years’, he can picture the brother-sister duo, their challenge ringing in his ears, “China Ver Beeg; China Ver Strong” – this time in Xi Jinping’s voice, Emperor of China.

The other day at the National People’s Congress in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, the Chinese President for Life told the world that “China will not cede a single inch” of its territory to others and was ready to wage a “bloody battle” to take its place in the world. That his belligerence had everything to do with the mantle of ‘Lifetime Presidency’ he has conferred on himself was quite apparent.

Mark these words, President Xi Jinping will be the ‘Changez Khan’ of the 21st Century. The man, like his sprawling country, is a glutton for land, a bear for ‘territory’; and when he says “its territory”, you know he’s the smooth-faced liar the Chinese always were.

“Since modern times, rejuvenation of the great Chinese nation has become the biggest dream of our nation,” President Xi Jinping told the National People’s Congress, the country’s rubber-stamp parliament. “The Chinese people and the Chinese nation have a shared conviction that not a single inch of our land will be and can be ceded from China.”

Xi did not name any country but there are a number of nations with which China has land-dispute. Top of the list is Taiwan, the whole of which China covets. Then there is Japan with which China has World War-II scores to settle and wants to snatch several uninhabited islands from. For such a big nation, China is a hog for islands. So much so, it has created artificial islands to get the feeling of a belly full of islands.

China also claims to have age-old footprints on the waters of South China Sea, where it has sunk those artificial islands, displacing fish and other sea-life, and which are basically military bases. With Xi stuck on being the ‘World’s Panda’, another set of Allies will have to take formation against the Chinese Axis; send an Armada to the South China Sea to take back the right to sail the sea, every sea.

China has disputes with Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan in the South China Sea. Xi, the masterpiece that he is, boasted that China has all the capabilities to do bloody battle and take its “rightful” place in the world order. Having disrupted the course of Chinese history, Xi ended the season with threats to alter the geography of the world. Don’t be surprised if, by the middle of this Century, the Atlas gets a Chinese name, something like ‘Pinglas’ or ‘XiLas’!

Xi may assert otherwise, but the 64-year-old is a clear and present danger to life on Earth. He will be around for at least another 25-30 years, aiming to outlive and outlast Mao Zedong as the longest lasting Chinese head of State, and the current lot of browbeaten Chinese are destined to live under Communist Party of China rule till their grandchildren are aged patriarchs with adult grandchildren of their own. That will be the long-term ramification of Xi proclaiming himself Emperor of China.

That is OK, as long as the Chinese take the brunt, but Xi should not be allowed to seize other countries’ land under the pretext of “we will not cede an inch”. Xi is an autocrat with a pair of horns nobody can see, he keeps them well-hidden in his thick skull. Xi heads not only the ruling Communist Party of China but also the Chinese military and the Chinese political apparatus. But like all autocrats, he has already started claiming that he gets his undisputed dictatorial powers directly from the people.

“The Chinese people have been indomitable and persistent. We are resolved to fight the bloody battle against our enemies and on the basis of independence we are determined to recapture the relics,” he told the Great Hall of the People without a blink of an eye. “We have strong capabilities of taking our due place in the world. We have fought for that big dream for about 170 years. Today more than ever the Chinese people are close to that dream, ever more confident and capable of realising the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.” 

‘China Ver Beeg; China Ver Strong’ has problems not just with Taiwan but lords over reluctant-to-be-Chinese Tibetans, and is hated by the Muslim Uygur of Xinjiang. Then, of course, China eyes India’s Arunachal Pradesh and Bhutan’s Dokla. China’s CPEC runs through POK and Chinese PLA occupies Aksai Chin.

Xi’s Belt and Road Initiative is a Boa Constrictor and it will take a long time for this species of python to shed its speckled-with-yellow redskin. The Chinese ‘Han’ will be dripping bloody red by the time this Century is halfway through its course. The Pakistanis, caught in the vicious corridor of the $60 billion CPEC debt, are complaining of the awful smell of dog meat cooking in the hallways of apartment blocks now having Chinese tenants, too. Learning to say ‘Ni Hao’ has come at a very heavy price for our enemy across the border. We’ve to be careful not to end up in the same Chinese corridor.

Sushil Kutty 
©IPA Service 

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