Unworthy Political Manoeuvrings: Where the Nation Stands Today – II

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In the second and final part of his political commentary, Dr. Kulmeet shows us the huge gaps between the promises and realities by the Modi-led government, in the Centre, exclusively for Different Truths. 

The hopes that the slogan ‘abki baar Modi sarkar” brought along with it lie abysmally in the deep pits of polarisation, poverty, and ineptitude where you see Rajnath, Sushma, Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi reduced to be being dumb mannequins and Jaitley as an adroit policy maker of extreme importance in the present dispensation. Nobody is insecure about him, as he can win no elections. He gets two portfolios – not Law though – where he has a semblance of training. He gets Finance and Defence. And he makes a mess of both.  Path-breaking decisions like demonetisation yield 4500 crores of rupees as black money – tainted money. Such a failure leads to the goal posts being changed. Demonetisation was to facilitate Digital India they say. Demonetisation is the way forward in getting the offshore laundered black money confiscated they say. That it is the inclusion of the poor in the great economic recovery they said. Face-saving manoeuvres. Unfortunately, an economy which was running like a car had its wheels shot at with bullets – puncturing the forward movement. Medium and small-scale industries floundered or closed down. Ambanis and Adanis got oil and coal monopoly and commissions, while we imported coal and the oil prices went berserk in India despite being available at the cheapest rates in recent history. 

The contemporary irony that the country faces is that we have become defensive about our core values. We do not speak of what Gandhiji, Nehru, Patel, Maulana stood for. Nehru has almost become a dirty word due to the incessant deluge of misinformation by pygmies spitting at the moon. In contrast to that, the Modi sarkar knows exactly how to create a seductive cocktail of fake religious ponderings, babas in cabinet posts and the concept of the nation being a state that launched a million space-crafts in the B.C. era.

The chief of R.S.S. has the gumption to summon the directors of I.I.M.s, I.I.T.s, A.I.I.M.S., I.A.S. officers and the sundry chiefs of various premier organisations and give them directions pertinent to the R.S.S. ideology and its implementation in the inclusive M.B.B.S. course, for example. Ahem! 

The fact staring us in the face is that governance has gone for a toss. 

Now we have a Prime Minister who hugs all and sundry across the world, while our men in uniform continue to die for us on a daily basis in Kashmir. 

If we look beyond the advertisements extolling the phenomenal work by the government we see an intensely gloomy picture in the medium and small scale sector – which has so categorically been told to make pakoras (fritters) for a living. The vision of creating employment at a national level unfolds in this manner and the utter lack of even a semblance of thought process involved in creating jobs takes a backseat.  

As all these phenomenal pro-Akhand Bharat national policies are being rolled out, we have news percolating down that a certain number of high net worth Indians have shifted – migrated their resources to work in better-planned economies. These were the guys generating jobs. They have lost faith in the system. 

Mallya, Nirav, Dawood have hoarse voices in declaring their faith in the system. It is not their deeds that have led to them taking recourse to cool climes of London. It is the failed systems in a failed nation which gave them an escorted exit to safety.

Polarisation, a few more riots, rhetoric and Jhumlas might win them the next elections in combination with the maneuverings so manifest in Goa, Uttaranchal, Mizoram but the nation is on a roller coaster ride to doom. 

History has seen the devastating effects of having a mercurial, megalomaniac as a leader who initiated crackbrained schemes on the country (Mao’s great leap forward, our demonetisation). Contemporarily, we are passing through a phase of paralysis or reverse movement where we are commandeered by psychopathic strongmen with ideologies, religious, self-aggrandising mindset when they have actually got a mandate to enhance the well-being of their citizens. 

Remember the ‘sabka vikas’ pipedream! 

©Kulmeet Singh Soin 

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Dr. Kulmeet S. Soin, M.D. is a practicing radiologist and writes as a hobby. He is married to a senior banker at H.S.B.C., who is also a dynamic social worker at the NGO Ludhiana Cares. He is blessed with two gifted children, Anmol, 26 years, and Anhad, 21 years, who are pursuing their own dreams to perfection. God has been kind and the Soin family is grateful for His benedictions.